Move health risk management and prevention into your daily digital routine.

  • Connect your favorite activity, weight, and blood pressure devices.
  • Monitor your HealthJibe Health Feed on your mobile device to stay on top of the lifestyle factors that effect your health the most.
  • Get alerted in real-time when important preventive health screenings are due.
  • Share your information with your friends and health care providers.

Coming Soon! HealthJibe 3.0

A new mobile app to help you stay healthy while lowering your health care costs.

Better Health... Connected

Regular use of the HealthJibe App can earn you significant discounts on your health care premiums.

  • Wear an activity tracker daily.
  • Step on your scale once a week.
  • Monitor your blood pressure weekly.
  • Stay on top of your recommended preventive screenings.
  • No manual logging or tracking of health information or activities.
  • No more jumping through "Wellness" hoops at work.


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